In the fast-growing sector of real estate valuation and consultancy services, our quality policy is to establish a strong brand with a stong portfolio that is prominent and leader in Turkish sector as well as open for improvement.

In adopting an innovative mentality, we aim to work efficiently while also making profit through close follow-up of the technological developments, use of the business environment effectively,  prioritization of teamwork comprising expert staff, and through integration of a smiling face and credibility with customer satisfaction.

It is also our ambition to provide our services at high quality, independently, rapidly and efficiently in line with the international standards and national regulations as well as in a planned, systematic and sustainable manner by taking a scientific approach to matters at hand; and thus to maintain continous success.

In an effort to promote the professionaltraining and improvement of the staff, it is our corporate policy to enhance the service quality and employee satisfaction and stay experienced and young at all times by maintaining the dynamism of our employees.

Kalme Corporate Real Estate Appraisal and Counseling Inc.